Use It Or Lose It!

There are only 9 weeks left in the year – NINE WEEKS!! 2017 will be over before you know it!!

If you have dental treatment you’ve put on hold, now is a good time to schedule an appointment to maximize your remaining benefits and flex account dollars.


Did you know every year your dental insurance company gives you a set amount of money they will cover towards your cleanings and any dental work you need done? This is generally called an annual maximum and it resets every year. Many people don’t take full advantage of their dental insurance benefits by letting this amount of money (thousands of dollars) go unused every year. You pay for these benefits; you should use them!


Most insurance companies cover preventative visits at 100%. If you haven’t had your 2 cleanings yet this year, what are you waiting for? Having your teeth clean not only feels good, but is good for you! Remember, you’ve paid for these benefits, don’t let them go to waste!


So…do you have a few pesky fillings you’ve been putting off getting filled? Have you talked with Dr. Mike about crowning that one tooth? Has Dr. Mike recommended a night guard and you’re still grinding away, unprotected? Are you interested in sprucing up your smile for the holidays or have you been thinking about Invisalign? We’re here for you! Don’t put off calling, though, our schedule is filling up quickly.


Now is the time to get your work done! You may have benefits from your insurance company that go unused if you put off getting your work done until next year. Aside from letting benefits go unused, it really is in your best interest to take care of any dental work that needs done sooner rather than later as unresolved issues can quickly escalate into larger (and sometimes more costly) problems.


Flexible spending and Health Savings Accounts are another area that frequently falls into the “use it or lose it” category. Flex spending funds can be used on dental care. Even if you don’t have any work that needs done, we have great offers on in-house and take-home whitening along with great Oral B spin brushes or waterpiks that truly help keep cavities and gingivitis at bay!


Uncertain of where you stand with your dental benefits? We will be happy to help look into it for you and will provide a pre-treatment estimate for any work that needs completed (we never like to have surprises when it comes to the financial portion of your dental work).


Already maxed out your benefits for the year, but still need work done? We can work with you to set up an interest-free payment plan or get you on the schedule for early 2018 to get you fixed up.


The last few months of our year fill up quickly so don’t hesitate – call our office today to schedule your appointment!

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