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Transform Your Smile With Dental Implants

Whether you are missing one or a few teeth, dental implants can greatly improve the appearance of your smile. Lasting 40 years or more with good care, titanium implants show excellent success rates. Read on to see how you can confidently smile again. What Are Dental Implants? Successful implants offer permanent solutions for tooth loss. […]

Top 80’s Movie Characters That Need a Dentist

This post is brought to you by two of Dr. Mike’s favorite topics: all things 80’s and dentistry. Top 80’s Movie Character’s That Need a Dentist The Wolf from Teen Wolf While we understand the extended canines are part of the whole “wolf” appeal (not to mention a requirement for the carnivorous diet), his mandibular […]

Sulens or Sullens: The History of the Name

Sullens, Sullins, Sullen… People often have trouble spelling Dr. Mike’s last name – always wanting to double the “l” or end it without the “s”. The somewhat tricky spelling of the name most likely is due to its interesting origin. Dr. Mike’s grandfather, Henry, was born as Henry Anthony Sulenski. He grew up in northeastern […]

4 Great Reasons to Refer a Friend to Sulens Dental Studio

At Sulens Dental Studio, we aim to exceed all of our patients’ expectations about oral healthcare. In an effort to continue to enrich your experience, we are now offering a referral program for all of our patients. The referral program works by you recommending your friends and loved ones to Sulens Dental Studio, and here […]

Welcome to Sulens Dental Studio

We are proud to introduce our new website and our new office name – Sulens Dental Studio – keeping all the wonderful aspects that Dr. Brauning and Dr. Sulens have established.  The name change reflects the inclusive team approach to providing top-notch quality dentistry in Zanesville, Ohio.  When Dr. Mike purchased the office he loved […]