4 Great Reasons to Refer a Friend to Sulens Dental Studio

At Sulens Dental Studio, we aim to exceed all of our patients’ expectations about oral healthcare. In an effort to continue to enrich your experience, we are now offering a referral program for all of our patients. The referral program works by you recommending your friends and loved ones to Sulens Dental Studio, and here are a few reasons to get started:

Benefits for You

When a new patient comes to our office with a referral card, we mail you a postcard with a discount offer for $20 off your current bill or products, treatments, and services not covered by insurance. This credit can be used for some of our best-selling dental tools such as Sonicare and waterpicks. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer to Sulens Dental, so you can look forward to more than one discount card!

Benefits for Friends

When a friend presents us with a referral card, we will offer them $20 off all products, treatments, and procedures not covered by insurance. They can use the discount right away and have you to thank for a discount off some of our best services and products here at Sulens Dental!

Our Unique Personality

We believe that our patients are one-of-a-kind. Sulens Dental treats our patients like humans, not clients. We offer each patient individualized services in a warm, friendly environment. Our team-oriented approach eases patient discomfort associated with visits to the dentist and works to build trust within our office walls.

Convenient, Holistic Dental Care

Our holistic approach focuses on each aspect of oral health, well beyond dental hygiene. We know our clients lead busy lives, so we have designed our practice to address all dental needs under one roof: from oral cancer screenings to orthodontics. With easy-to-schedule appointments online or by phone, we hope to accommodate all of our patients’ requests.

When your friend walks through our office doors, you can feel comfortable knowing they are in good hands. Thank you for spreading smiles through our friend referral program! If you have any questions about the referral process, contact us!

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