Custom Athletic Mouth Guards

When is the last time you’ve thought about the lasting impact contact sports can have on your smile? Protecting your teeth during sports can be just as important as brushing, flossing and rinsing to preventative dental care.

Accidents can happen at any time, especially during sports activities. Mouth guards limit the risk of mouth-related injuries such as biting your tongue, lips or cheeks, chipped or broken teeth, nerve damage and even tooth loss.

Pre-formed or boil and bite mouth guards can be uncomfortable and impair breathing and speech. These difficulties can be frustrating for athletes and even decrease the frequency with which they are worn in practice and during games. A professional grade mouth guard that is custom fit and designed specifically for your teeth allows it to more comfortably stay in place making it easier to talk, breathe and focus on the game.

Sulens Dental Studio is proud to provide customized, personalized and high quality mouth guards that provides three times the protection and durability as the normal boil and bite mouth guard.  Our custom fit mouth guards are made from Pro-form laminate that provides ultimate protection by absorbing and redistributing the shock of an impact to both the jaw and brain.

Because Dr. Michael Sulens is creating the mouth guards in our office, he can make them in a variety of colors and personalize them with school logos, mascots, words and numbers for Zanesville area athletes

Why risk the chance of a dental emergency this season? Add style while protecting your smile with a custom fit, personalized mouth guard. Visit the Custom Mouth Guard page for more information or call our office to schedule an appointment today!

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