Recommit to Routine Dental Exams in 2015

With the New Year underway, it is time to commit to your resolutions. This may often include a promised dentist visit after a long break, but unfortunately this is brushed off too easily as something that can wait. Do not make this vital mistake. Let us provide you with the confidence to take control of your smile.

Ensure Healthy Teeth with these Simple Steps

If avoiding the dentist is your goal, then the best defense is offense. The perfect smile depends on professional observation and guidance, so while dentist offices can’t be fully avoided; we can surely help to limit your trips. Preventative care begins at home:

These simple routines will help you in preventing costly dental visits. Healthy, bright smiles are easy for both you and your dentist when you commit to a regular dental routine.

Dental Appointments Explained

If you are reluctant to recommit to dental exams due to the unknown, let us alleviate your concerns! A routine dental exam and cleaning appointment involves:

  • Removal of plaque from the surface of teeth
  • Clearing away tartar deposit to aid in the prevention of gum disease
  • Polish away any superficial stains to brighten your smile
  • Discuss your goals for your smile and create a custom oral health care plan
  • Use of radiographs to spot and diagnose early signs of tooth decay and bone loss
  • Oral Cancer and periodontal screenings

And you may even walk away with a shiny new toothbrush!

Affordable Care Saves Time and Money

Teeth cleanings are affordable! Do not let anyone convince you otherwise, you’ll spend ten times the money trying to fix painfully complex consequences from the lack of proper dental hygiene.

Not making time for bi-annual dentist visits is a mistake. Regular visits usually last a half hour to an hour depending on various factors.This takes much less time compared to days off due to intensive procedures required to correct dental mishaps that could be avoided by regular checkups.

We Are Here to Make You Smile

At Sulens Dental Studio, it is our number one priority to make certain the well being of our patients is met. We smile when you smile. Our team stands ready to accept you into our dentistry family. Don’t hesitate any longer and take control of your dental destiny!

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